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Disk Prints
  • Joel
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    Joel Le Duc

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  • Small - 12"
  • Medium - 16"
  • Large - 20"
  • X-Large - 28"
  • Giant - 43"
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Product Info
  • Durable, vibrant, and crystal clear, HD Infused Aluminum prints - Combined with the unique artwork and custom cut imagery, these pieces make for visual showstoppers.

    The mount is included and gives a shadow, floating effect when placed on walls.

    All pieces come with a custom back-stamp from the artist. Limited pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity and edition number info, encrypted and stored via the blockchain.

    Sizing is as follows:

    ~ S: 12" diameter
    ~ M: 16" diameter
    ~ L: 20" diameter
    ~ XL: 28" diameter
    ~ Giant: 43" diameter

    Printed on a .045” thick aluminum sheet, this print is crisp, high gloss, lightweight, and water resistant. It comes with a proprietary 1/2" aluminum shadow mount allowing for easy installation.

    Shipped in 8 to 15 business days

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